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The ‘CONTENTION’ (CONtrol of DeTENTION) project’s final conference took place at the Fondation Universitaire in Brussels on the 12th of December last. The project, which was co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the European Return Fund, convened the final conference to present its research results and to further discuss the implications of the research. The programme for the final conference can be found here.

Before gathering for the final conference, the project’s completed questionnaires, which were written by the national experts in collaboration with the national judges, were uploaded to the CONTENTION website. Those questionnaires are available here. The project’s synthesis report was also uploaded and is available here.

CONTENTION Kick-Off Meeting image

The legitimacy of pre-removal detention, as authorised by the EU Return Directive, depends upon judicial control as the ultimate guarantor that detention will be as short as possible and be maintained only for the purpose of removal. The judiciary is thus challenged to ensure that detention is necessary and proportional in its application. The project CONTENTION (CONtrol of deTENTION) examines the different dimensions of the lawfulness of detention with differing practices and differing forms of implementation at national and European level.